One of the hottest inkjet printing trends is direct-to-garment printing. With direct-to-garment printers, shops can produce photographic and hi-resolution images on 100% cotton garments.

With relatively easy setup and post-processing, direct-to-garment printers are giving traditional screen printers the capability to expand their business into short run production.

To reduce ink consumption and produce high-quality prints, direct-to-garment print shops are finding that they need full-featured RIP software. Wasatch SoftRIP helps users achieve superior color accuracy, high production speed, and cost savings with direct-to-garment inkjet printers.

Exceptional Quality

Wasatch prints using an innovative halftone method that produces superior quality color and perfectly smooth gradients. Direct-to-garment solutions that print directly from graphic applications don't come close to the color reproduction achievable with SoftRIP's Precision Stochastic Screens.


Creating an image file with a transparency channel is common for those printing to a direct-to-garment printer. A transparency from a PNG, Tiff, or PSD file will automatically be recognized in Wasatch and appear with a checkerboard pattern, which indicates the portions of an image that will be transparent and, therefore, will not lay down ink. This will use less ink and improve the overall feel of the garment. Plus, when selected, a specialty tool in Wasatch will automatically generate white ink as a background of an image in files that contain a transparency. This can significantly reduce file preparation time and increase print reliability when printing to dark garments.

Spot Color Matching

Wasatch SoftRIP includes a suite of color tools that help you with even the most intricate color workflows. Since profiling can be difficult with direct-to-garment devices, some users choose our Color Atlas Generator or Color Neighborhood Analyzer for producing consistent spot colors. No matter how complicated your post processing steps, SoftRIP's color tools will achieve custom spot colors quickly, easily, and accurately.

Printing to Dark Garments with White Ink Support

Printing to dark garments has never been easier! With SoftRIP's Auto-Generation features selected, white ink will automatically be printed as an underlay of your image. Use the Wasatch Tracer to create a mask around your image to easily eliminate any image data that you don't want to be printed. This is ideal for images with background colors that are not a solid fill.

Using Wasatch Color Separation Rule will save on ink consumption and help with the overall “feel” of the shirt. Selecting ‘White Ink on Black Substrate’ means no black ink will be printed and the black color of the shirt is used as the underlying surface. White ink will output anywhere in your image where black ink would otherwise have printed. The outcome is a detailed, high-quality direct-to-garment image.

Variable Data Customization

With Wasatch's Variable Data Printing (VDP) Option, creating print runs of individually customized tees is just as easy as printing a batch of identical ones. Easily customize each garment with variable text and images. With SoftRIP VDP, you extend the power of the direct-to-garment short run production even further.

To download a PDF on how to use Wasatch SoftRIP for direct-to-garment printing, click here.

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